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Honeydew Healthcare Ltd. is your reliable partner in health and social care recruitment.

Honeydew Healthcare Ltd. is committed to matching extraordinary people with prestigious organisations in the health and social care business. As a premier recruiting firm, we try to make a positive difference by assisting organisations in finding the appropriate employees and assisting applicants in achieving their career goals.


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Our Nursing Agency offers experienced, competent healthcare personnel; with our assistance, you will be able to give first-rate empathetic care to your customers while staying within your budget.

We understand the daily issues that health and social care providers confront, such as workforce shortages, financial limits, and constantly changing regulations. 


Because of our extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, we are able to recruit and provide well-trained, motivated employees who are dedicated to delivering high-quality treatment and assistance.

Honeydew Healthcare provides temporary and permanent employees (RMNs, HCSWs, and HCAs) with a variety of specialised skill sets, including:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Brain Injuries
  • Community and Practise Nursing
  • A&E
  • ICU
  • ITU

We supply to:

  • Hospitals
  • Local authorities
  • Nursing homes,
  • Care and residential homes
  • Charities and local authorities
  • Private hospitals
  • GP surgeries.

Extensive Industry Knowledge:

With years of expertise in health and social care recruiting, we have a thorough understanding of this specialised field. We understand the particular issues and needs, which allows us to create customised solutions.

An extensive network of qualified professionals

We have established a broad network of highly qualified and motivated experts in numerous fields of health and social care. We can connect organisations with applicants that have the right skills, credentials, and values thanks to our comprehensive database.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

Finding and employing qualified individuals may be time-consuming and expensive. Honeydew Healthcare Ltd. manages the whole process, from initial screening to final placement. Working with us saves you time and money on recruiting, enabling you to concentrate on your main business.

Recruitment Process

This entails examining existing and future demand for healthcare workers in different specialisations and locations. With strategic workforce planning, we help healthcare organisations predict future demands and plan recruitment.

We create enticing job descriptions, competitive remuneration packages, and a good workplace. We use proactive recruitment tactics, including job fairs, educational partnerships, and internet platforms, to increase the prospect pool.

After establishing a pool of candidates, comprehensive screening and selection processes are used to find the best. Resumes, interviews, and reference checks are involved. We examine candidates’ skills, competencies, and personalities.

We verify education, licences, certificates, and job experience legitimacy. We also do criminal background, professional misbehaviour, and drug screens to ensure prospective workers’ safety and reliability.

Candidates learn about your company’s culture, rules, and processes during our orientation seminars. Employee training ensures they have the knowledge and skills to execute their jobs well.

We aim to boost employee engagement and decrease turnover rates. This is done by welcoming feedback, recognition, and work-life balance.

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