Honeydew and its wonderful carers.

This is a small account regarding Honeydew and its wonderful carers. I have now been looked after by them for almost two years and I have received wonderful consistent care from all of the careers which has encouraged my physical development and also the well-being of my emotional needs. I did arrive having had a bad experience with previous care companies, so it was very difficult for me to learn to trust again. However professional relationships were soon established, and I knew from day one that I was going to receive good consistent care. My injuries are quite complex and looking after me on some days can be difficult however they always get me through the difficult times and are there for the good achievements.

If they are any queries or small problems they are dealt with at source, and I can honestly say I have no calls for complaint at all, I am hoping that this happy relationship continues for a long time to come and I would highly recommend Honeydew Care Agency to anybody.

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