Have been a client with honeydew for over two years now

I have been lucky enough to have been a client with honeydew for over two years now so I speak with experience of their lovely care for a little over two years at the time I had arrived home from hospital having broken my neck and was wheelchair bound I was very fragile both in motionally and physically and was in a very dark place and so was my family who I was living with however the first meeting that I have with honeydew was memorable because they gently explained how they would handle my care taking responsibility because I was unable to make any decisions because of my poor state of mind and health however I still felt in control and trusted them immediately they provide a team of wonderful carers who take into account my emotional and my physical needs and I could never ever thank them enough for where I am today which is a very happy woman who has been helped to the point where I am fully in control of my own decision making with the benefit of their experience my physical health has never been better and emotionally I am in a very good place my family have naturally benefit is from my well-being and are very much are ease with all members of the honeydew team I have more than one carer but the standard of care is consistent throughout and I know whoever comes to support me in the morning will provide the same level of expertise as any of these lovely support workers would they are responsible for my personal care during the morning my meats during the day taking me to from various hospital appointments and accompanying me to the shops we also plan meals and cooked together and although I cannot physically do a lot as my hands have suffered nerve damage and I am unable to use sharp knives but I always feel inclusive by planning the meals together not quite the same but I am always made to feel involved with any activities I have recently with their help purchased of vehicle through the Motability scheme and I have the benefit of carers who are experienced with my vehicle that can now take me out and about their care is wonderful and extends to my family as well thank you honeydew forgiving me my life back I could never thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family

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